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272                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

with   such  a testa squaiata as our  friend   Minasi,
who is stark, staring mad about politics.

Campbell lives entirely with General Acton,
and is going to Naples with the Prince Royal. He
says Sicily enjoys tranquility and plenty. You
had better not write to Minasi, for the ports of
Naples and Sicily will soon be in the possession
of the French.

When the latter were driven out of Italy by
Suwarrow, Benincasa fled from Milan, where he
was something, and lay hid for many months at
a farmhouse near Modena. He has probably re-
turned before this, and may be a great man by
this time.

It is supposed that Bonaparte has agreed with
Prussia to make the hereditary Prince of Orange
First Consul of the Batavian Republic.

Last night Madame M. had a musical party,
which, from the small size of the room, and the
black dress of the company, and the long piano-
forte in the middle of the apartment, must have
been the exact representation of the harlot's funeral
in Hogarth.

Lady A. and Mr. W. are separated. He, the
most knowing man of the town, marries a woman
for her jointure, and finds himself immediately
beset with a host of creditors to an enormous